Why does your business need a website?

According to World Internet Statistics, 95% of the American population uses the internet in some form. 79% of U.S. customers use it to shop online. Sellers are now privy to the widest marketplace that has ever existed. In order to compete, you must have a website. A website is a virtual storefront for your business.


A website gives your business 24/7/365 accessibility. It has been said that a credible website will continue to make sales for you beyond your standard business hours.

Websites also give your business validity. They tell prospective clients who you are and why they should use your service. No matter the type of business you are in, odds are someone will try to use a search engine to learn more about you. Without a website, you are excluding those potential clients. Many shoppers will immediately dismiss a business without a site. 

What will The Five Pocket do for your new business?

tThe Five Pocket will build and maintain a professional website for you at a low monthly cost. We specialize in designing well-detailed sites so that all of your customer's questions are answered. 

Template based website construction permits us to keep your costs low while allowing a speedy completion of your site.  Some can go live with their site in as little as 48hrs.


Our content writers will develop clear, concise messages and keywords for your site. We will use marketing tools such as SEO and Social Media to drive visitors to your site. Click the "learn more" tab below to discover more about SEO and how important it is to your business.

Website design, Website building, and Website maintanance are our speciality!

How can The Five Pocket assist with your existing site?

It has been said that a bad website is worse than no site at all. It can lead to doubts, uncertainty and missed opportunities for your business. Research shows visitors form an opinion about your business seconds after visiting your site. Don't let it be a negative one. 


Your website must have relevant and current information. Outdated info, poor grammar, and incorrect facts are all factors that would cause a prospect not to trust your services. Your website should not only be up-to-date, it should be error free and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Loud, cluttered pages only make shoppers turn away. 

Business owners may find that keeping their site fresh while trying to run their business is time consuming. Let The Five Pocket review and make necessary updates to your site. Our staff will make sure your site stays competitive and relevant. Our rates will make it hard for you to say "no". Contact Us to get started today. 

Simple Websites to promote your services


Amplify your earnings from your secondary source of income with a simple website. A perfect and inexpensive way to promote your side hustle.

Sell your products with an Ecommerce Site


No Job is too big or small for Five Pocket.  We will gather your images and create a professional online store for your business. 

Restaurant Owners and Catering Services


Whether you run a full scale restaurant or headquarter your business out of your own kitchen, make it easy for your customers to order.  Create online menus, price lists, and even connect to delivery services. 

On-line Appointments


Have a busy hair salon, barbershop, or event planning business? Want to promote your MUA company and take appointments? Let your website manage your schedule. 

SEO and your business


Learn the ins and outs of marketing your business.  Click "Learn More" below to read our blog on the importance of good SEO.

New Start-up Business


Don't know where to start? Our experts can guide you every step of the way from new business registration, sales and marketing to tax preparation.  Contact us to get started!